Port Washington, Wisconsin

Lakepointe is located in the heart of Port Washington, Wisconsin and along the shores of Lake Michigan. Close proximity to many parks, golf courses, activities, the arts and more.  


Port Washington, Wisconsin (We tend to call it “Port”) is a real living-breathing city. It has a “heart,” a harbor surrounded by hills, and a history. You could live here for decades and not hear all of the stories, largely because there are so many, plus there are new stories being written right now. You would be part of them — maybe a featured character? 

Port Washington, WI: Rich History

Did you know the government of Luxembourg paid for the restoration of the roof and light tower on Port’s old lighthouse? Port had “light rail” running right through town until the end of WWII. How about this: Port was the first man-made harbor in the U.S.A. Paramount Records was started right here in Port. The evidence is within steps of Lakepointe.


Port Washington Wisconsin Real Estate

Discover the value of Port Washington real estate. The school district is great and just completing extensive renovations. Crime is low. Commuting times to Milwaukee, Sheboygan, West Bend, Mitchell Field, AmTrak and points between are measured in minutes—not hours. Plus you can sail from Port to Hong Kong if you have the time, inclination, and a seaworthy craft. It’s all true!