Feel the lake. It looms large just beyond your doorstep, wearing many faces depending upon its moods, the transit of the clouds, sun, moon, stars, and seasons of the year. The shoreline wraps around you, creating a feeling that Lakepointe is not only “near the lake” but also “an integral part of the harbor.”

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Lake Michigan is an inland sea. More than six times the size of Yellowstone, it is a force of nature with its own climate. Pick-up your kayak and launch from the beach. Add a wetsuit and paddle year-around—but use your head. Lake Michigan is the real deal. The soon to be realized National Marine Sanctuary, will begin just to the south of Port Washington and extend north all the way to Two Rivers. Get out your scuba gear and dive on more than 30 identified shipwrecks.

The fishing is great! If you have 30 minutes to burn, grab your pole and fish the harbor. Catch a Coho, Chinook, or Rainbow Trout to name a few. Launch your boat if you have more time. The boat launch is about a block away from your front door. Maybe your boat is already tied-up in the marina? How cool is that? If you’re a Polar Bear taking a dip on New Years Day, you can run from the lake to your own hot shower in seconds at LakePointe. Invite your Florida friends for the party.

The Denis Sullivan is a frequent visitor to Port Washington. She ties up alongside Rotary Park. You may wish to climb aboard and help hoist the sails. When she’s making six knots under sail out on the big lake, you will be transported to a time when early European settlers came to Wisconsin in ships via the Great Lakes.