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  • Lakeside

    Feel the lake. It looms large just beyond your doorstep, wearing many faces depending upon its moods, the transit of the clouds, sun, moon, stars, and seasons of the year. The shoreline wraps around you, creating a feeling that Lakepointe is not only “near the lake” but also “an integral part of the harbor.”


    Designed to maximize your connection to the harbor, village, beaches, parks, and the larger community, Lakepointe features generous room sizes including balcony, natural lighting and cross ventilation, thoughtful space planning, high-efficiency HVAC and low maintenance. Plan on living in comfort with time for the people and activities you love.


    At Lakepointe, time is on your side. Though Americans work more hours per day and more days per year than just about anyone else on the planet, we are finding ways to make the most of our time away from the workplace. Living in a recreational playground, surrounded by natural beauty and charm, feeds our spirit.

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