City of Port Washington, Wisconsin


The city of Port Washington has been deliberate in its transition from industrial harbor town to recreational mecca. The current surge in downtown and harbor-area development is focused on creating a critical mass of retail, commercial, cultural and residential growth designed to maximize the quality of life in the heart of the city. Lakepointe stands at the epicenter, within easy walking distance of quality restaurants, retail and service providers, plus a vast array or recreational opportunities for all ages.

Downtown Port Washington is bracketed by North Beach and Upper Lake Park to the north, and Coal Dock Park and South Beach to the south. Follow the beach and bluff and you will find Lion’s Den Park. Extending from shore into the heart of the harbor is Rotary Park. It is also possible to walk out to Port’s iconic lighthouse, weather permitting. Or if you wish to visit the historic lighthouse it is perched on the bluff to the north. The bright red roof gives it away. Climb the 105 steps from E. Jackson Street or drive up the hill and loop around St. Mary’s Church. The view is breathtaking.

Be sure to take-in all the excitement at the Port Exploreum, the Great Lakes museum on Franklin Street, and tour the historic lighthouse on the bluff. You may wish to join the Historical Society. It’s a block away on Franklin Street.